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Drawlloween Day 8: Alien
Since Emily Ripov and captain Tim's species where influenced by the Alien series as Craig mentioned before, I thought I draw it out for this day

And its my first time ever drawing Emily, certainly one of my favorite females in WoY besides Sylvia :heart:

Emily Ripov and Captain Tim's race (c) Craig McCracken/Disney

Drawlloween Day 7: Ectoplasm
I couldn't think of anything but then I recalled "The Fancy Party" episode of Wander Over Yonder where the queen turned out to be possessed by some ectoplasm life form. 

So here's my take on her younger self when the ectoplasm first took over her body

Ugh, I should had used a pale pink coloring for the markers on this.

Queen Entozoa (c) Craig McCracken/Disney)
Drawlloween Day 6: Black Lagoon
Hahahaha and I drew this before playing Cuphead with a friend last night (such a hardass game, but the animation is amazing <3 )

I felt like drawing Cala Maria's Medusa form for this black lagoon theme XD forgive me, I badly messed up her hands since they're in the wrong place.
Drawlloween Day 5: Grim Reaper
I felt like draw Lord Hater from woy in his monster for from my "Spooky Tales of Yonder" AU where he's the grim reaper XD

I also drew him in a different different style here, to give him a more macabre type of vibe.

Lord Hater (c) Craig McCracken/Disney
Drawlloween Day 4: Mothman
Seeing how I actually do have a moth character, she does have a father who's basically the mothman in her planet and he's the big dude in the picture with her. Deadly father's embrace shall pass on Zyta's legacy.

Actually here's her old bio if you guys can remember her (If not, I can't blame you since I had hardly done much with her. Which is my bad habit at times )

But nothing more, I felt like drawing her with her moth man daddy lol

Zyta (c) XxMoonlight-1-WishxX

Hey guys hahahaha, long time no see?:D

Don't worry, I'm fine its just college just started for me last week and I haven't found the right time to give you guys updates.:")

Okay first of all, I am going to be a bit busy since I may possibly be the president of gamer's club at my college. (Not enough people in the club enrolled for college in the roll, so I'm probably their best luck they got since the former club president moved out of town last month ) So expect to see me upload things I may do for the college club activities.

And of course, Federal Government this year. Tho I am sick of politics since both sides are so horrible BUT hopefully when I get projects... I'm gonna find actual articles that aren't biased ones from the far right and far left. so I may study a lot BUT thankfully it will only be one big course along with my art course. (and art is never hard for me lmao)

Also, I've been thinking about it for a while... BUT with the help of my aunt since it was her idea, but she's considering to create sewing lessons at the college. And guys, I've always had an interest in sewing <3 I was watching a lot of gothic DIY and Cosplay DIY videos and they really sparked my interest to sewing clothing and such. So hopefully if we can, I'm gonna take the lessons so I can start sewing :3

And lately, I've got into this new anime called Boku No Hero Academia. (I blame :iconskitzopheliac: and :iconshenbug: since they dragged me into it) If you guys never seen it, I HIGHLY recommend this. Its like watching Spider-man Homecoming and Sky High in a way XD And honestly, I really like it better than Bleach and Fairy Tail.I mean I do like those two, but they were so hard to catch up... same with One Piece Its like, my first time ever getting into a shoujo jump anime that I can actually catch up on for once!:D
Not only this anime is new and fresh, BUT its been giving ideas for a few of my TMNT OCs. Mainly for this little guy right here --->  TMNT: Kiba - Sketches by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX Yeah, even though Kiba originated from the TMNT fandom.... I had this idea that maybe BnHA can be his secondary fandom? I didn't want to start a new OC from scratch so I thought about a few of my TMNT OCs and how they can also blend in the BnHA universe.
Like I imagine since Kiba has been inspired and grown with the Mighty Mutanimals and the turtles as a child... Maybe as a teenager, he wants to go to the U.A academy in Japan so he can get a more advanced training just so he can pick up after the mutants back home so he can help protect people from criminals and injustice.

I had did a teenage sketch of him, BUT hopefully I can color him soon. (Let's just say, he grows to be a bit stubborn due to being around Casey, Raph, and Mondo so much XDD ) And Kiko may also play a role to his story, so expect me to draw her future look. So yeah, this anime may help me give Kiba a bit more attention to my gallery :giggle:

I also had some ideas for WoY related things thanks to those chats that :iconmrcrazyinstinct: :iconvintage-devil-queen: and :iconashtheechidna: gave me. I'm probably gonna lay off the Hater x Myrna pics for now so I can try to focus on Myrna as her own character and give my other woy ocs attention.

So yeah, I'll draw soon.
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