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My NEW Sonic Pairing Meme by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX My NEW Sonic Pairing Meme by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
Hey guys! Yeah I know I done this already but... to be honest... I really didn't like my last one. So I sort of deleted it. This is basically a newer version I did and I'm going to give out REAL reasons this time. The reason why the last one I made had weak reasons was only because I was in the middle of my animation class and I really didn't have time to type that much information.

Okay, so here I go!:D


Vector x Vanilla: May I explain why I support these two again? They're basically my OTP of the Sonic fandom. I know they only had thier moments in the anime but c'mon! Both of these characters are very underated as well as the ship! Vector is a hardworking detective and wants to help out people and be like a heroe. Vanilla is a single loving and caring mother who cares for her sweet aughter and is willing to protect her from any harm! Everytime Vector visits her, he always gets very affectionate and acts like a gentlemen to her. Perhaps Vanilla probably has to be the most kind and lovely compassionate lady that Vector always wanted! And whenever they talk with each other, Vanilla sure does smile and giggle alot around him. I'm thinking she finds Vector very heroic yet humorous out of most men of Mobius. And whenever she needs help with Cream, she has offred Vector to checkup on her. Only because she fully trusts him and she's his great friend. Vector does anything he can for her to finish the job, only because he strongly cares for her and wants to make her happy. But what I loved about this couple is how realisticly adorable this pairing is! Vector has a MAJOR crush on her and always blushes around her.... But unlike most lovestruck boys.... Notice how he NEVER drools all over her, flirt, or even makes a move on her. That to me, has to be a more decent way to control your affections. As for Ms. Vanilla Rabbit... Unlike most girls who have guys crushing on them, she never gets mad or ignores him. She simply finds it very adorable and just love his very sweet and funny personality. I just think that's sooo sweet! Most girls would avoid guys like him. :/ And I love how both are very different species! A big strong humrous Carvinore reptile with a very sweet lovely gentle herbivore mammal is just sooo adorable!:love:

Sonic X Amy Rose: Yeah, I know this has to be the most overrated hetero pairing of all Sonic fandoms.... But hey! I was always a Sonamy fan as a child way before I came across the internet! It was also my very first Sonic pairing of all time! Both of them knew each other a long time eversince they were little. starting from Sonic CD, it all started as a young little girl falling for the hero. Sonic probably thought she was some crazy fan of his at forst, but until Robotnik ordered Metal sonic to kidnap little rosy... Sonic decided to save her as his role as a hero. Afterwards, he finally got Rosy safe and sound. This is when Amy started having strong cute feelings for him. The two later on became friends and travled to thier adventures. As for today, it still always was that way. I know Amy can be a bit stalkerish sometimes.... But in the games, she is way more mature than her personality from the comics and anime. Some say she's just a useless damsel distress weak character, but to me... I honestly think she's the opposite from weak and she does help other people out besides chasing Sonic. I mean, remeber when she trusted Gamma when he helped her out? The time when she also tried to help that helpless bird Lilly? whenever she tires to cheer up Shadow and made a promise with him? The time whenever the Babylon Rouges were not only mean to sonic, but were very cruel to thier other friends. The time when she got mad at Rouge for mistreating Omega from competing to much. And at the end of SA2, she aproached to Sonic WITHOUT going obssesed to make sure if he was ok? And from Sonic 06, when helped out both Silver and Elise on their a bit? I guess what I'm saying is to you guys.... Amy doesn't always think about Sonic. She does have a kind heart and truely cares about others. All of her friends are JUST as important AS her crush. I know Sonic can get annoyed whenever she chases him, but that does NOT mean he hates her. He only cares for her because she is one of his closest friends. I mean, if you guys honestly think he hates her... Then why does he always save her and defend her alot from others? Even if they aren't badguys, he would still stand up for her. And remember sonic Unleashed whenever Amy didn't recognize him in his werehog form? He was very upset that he didn't recognize her, ONLY because even one of his closest friends wasn't able to notice him. To me, that has to be a great guy friend to ever care for one of his best girl friends.. Even if she has a major crush on him. But who knows? Amy is 12 afterall, as she gets older I'm pretty sure she'll mature quiclky over her obsession on a crush. And it's also a comic relief type of pairing and I love thier funny moments!:XD: Thier cute little friendship bond from a speedy blue hero and a lovely pink rose is just an adorable relationship.:heart:

Tails x Cosmo: Like Sonic and Amy..... This was another friendship bond that started from a small crush... into a beautiful relationship! They actually started out as such great friends... Although both of them did started having mutual feelings for each other. They do work as a team, he would always help her out when she needs it. These two shared many beautiful moments together. And the time whenever Shadow was after Cosmo, Tails was actually being very protective of her. He even got very brutal with Shadow and showed alot of fury towards him. Although he finds out the sad truth about Cosmo and the Metrix that it nearly broked his heart. But afterwards, when everyone gathered around to stop then... They couldn't. The only way the had to save the planet was that Cosmo Sacrafice herself and Tails had to hekp out with that. Now this was very touching, Cosmo accepted this and it shows how strong she was accept it. Tails however, was feeling very heartbrokened that he didn't want to kill her. But, she told him that they will always be friends no matter what and they will both be heroes if they do this duty. Whever this happened..... I almost nearly cried and heard that lovely song towards the ending. The same song was very fitting towards the end. Yes, I actually mean the original japanese version of Sonic X NOT that 4kids dubbed one. I guess what I'm saying is that thier bittersweet friendship of a scienticfic fox and a lovely little flower, bloom beautifully.:heart:

Jet X Wave: Ok, not really much to say about these two but OMG! This has to be the most funniest relationship I have ever seen besides Sonic and Amy! And what's so funny about it because it's also like couples in real life. Jet is prety much a laidback, careless, irresponsible skater boy while his partner Wave, is very intellegent, mature, and a bit bossy when Jet never pays attention. They do fight like a married couple sometimes, even when Wave tried to explain something to him, he just snuck to spy on Sonic. And Wave's reaction.... OMG hahahaha just priceless!:XD: I also love the fact that they are both team mates and help out each other. (Though they did that to cheat alot) This relationship was very humourus to me is all.:XD:

Silver X Blaze: Well... I actually never played Sonic 06... But I heard so many things about these two. They were both partners and friends and from two different dimesnions. They both looked after each other and they all say that Silver might had some affection-like feelings for her. I did see a clip of both of them batteling a monster in the future, but.... Something bad happen to Blaze.... Whenever she burned away to the fire(I really can't remember), Silver got really paranoid and tried to save her. But Blaze told him he had to go back to save the future, he denied it and said that she was his friend. But then she said "Silver... You're so naive... But that's what I like about you," When I heard that I'm like what?! I'm not sure if she ment like she loved him but maybe in a friendly way. In this relationship, it comes across between a very sensative but naive time traveler, along with a very shy but serious flame princess. I think that's a very loyal pair!:love:

Knuckles x Shade: Like Silver X Blaze, I honestly nevered played Sonic Chronicles either... But I know a bit about Shade's personality. She's basically another echidna, but that came from a rival tribe. Her very stong, tough, and stubborn personality was almost similar to Knuckle's personality. She is like another female rival towards Knuckles, infact... The two have a very hard time to trust each other as they say. And they had told me that he had saved her on some part of the game. Though, I guess only becauise Knuckles is a hero and he wants to make sure everyone is safe. Espically his foes out there, I guess this was when Shade trusted him and the others a little and joined thier party. I'm not saying this like I know because I REALLY nevered played the game... But it is most likely a possibility for him to have another rival relationship. I never honestly liked shipping Knuckles that much because he didn't seem like he would waste his time with romance. But after I heard about Shade... She was like the only acception for him. Two very strong, rival-like echidnas can both break into thier relationship.:D

Chaos X Tikal: Well.... If Knuckles and Tikal didn't work out, this was another choice of a Tikal pairing that I loved! I mean, I know people say it's a crack pairing because it's a water-like creature and an echidna... But... I honestly have to disagree.... I mean really, species don't really matter once it comes to love. both of them are from tribes too, they are back from an acient past, and they do share a special connection to the Master emerald. I know Chaos started as a pwerful monster first, but Tikal tried to make peace with him.... Though it failed and she asked thrugh her heart to stop him and bring peace back to thier planet. Whenever Sonic stopped Chaos at the end, he changed back and Tikal was very reliefed to see that he was back to peace. And I just love the whole idea of a very acient, native tribal bond these two share!:love:

Charmy X Cream- I normally don't like pairings where two characters talk that much... But these two are an acception! I mean, they're both pratically the same age and very adventurous! Charmy is like a loyal and young detective at training while Cream is a very sweet and gentle little girl. Hehehe funny actually... They are just like a younger version of Vector and Vanilla! I honestly prefer this over tailream due to the rabid fanbrats that atttack other Tails and Cream pairings like this one. And I really don't think the Chaream fandom is that bad as the Tailream fandom. Most people say Charmy is too young to understand what love feels like and that is true. However, Cream is a tad vit young to understand those type of feelings to. They are both little kids afterall..... So maybe if they put the chaotix in more games, these two might interact a bit more....

Manic X Mina: Awwwww if only these two had met.... it would been a rocking relationship! I mean they both share the excact same personality! They both are very passionate to thier musical talents, share a bit of the same styles, they both tried to accomplish thier dreams and try to work hard as better heros. Though... I only now little about Mina's character since I don't like the comics. But I think she and Manic might work out more than her and Sonic/Tails.

Honey X Mighty: Hehehe.... Basically, the same reason as Manic and Mina but they were also forgotten characters as well!:heart:


Rouge X Shadow X Maria: Yeah... I was going to put this alongside to the pairings I loved... But since I both support these equally... I decided to add them here. But basically because both of the girls shared a very special friendship bond with Shadow. Starting with Maria.... She was the very first friend Shadow ever had in his life. Unlike how other people treated Shadow in the Lab... Maria was the only one who showed alot of love and affection towards him. Unfact, they both made a promise together.... This promise showed us that Shadow wasn't truely bad, he wanted to fullfill this promise nto show that he does care alot for Maria. However, when the G.U.N gents came to stop Shadow... Maria didn't want them to take Shadow away so she placed him in a caspule to set him free.... But while she did that.... She was shot by one of the agents and that was the most painful thing Shadow ever saw..... This was the main reason why Shadow is so brutal today, he lost a very special and dear friend to him. He longed so much for revenge and want ot avenge Maria's death... However, this is whenever Rouge comes in. At first, both of them didn't really care for each other that much and only worked as partners. But whenever Rouge needed to be rescued at the island when the place was about to explode... Shadow was going to ignore it but then he had a flashback of Maria. This flashback reminded shadow of Maria's death and he really didn't want to see another person die next. So that's when he came to save Rouge with the Chaos Control. After he saved her, Rouge was a bit confused about why he did that. But she started to respect him a bit more for saving her. And whenever Rouge accidently spilled out her secret agent mission, That's when Shadow got on to her and both of them faced each other a bit. Rouge got a little angry towards him and even told him the sad truth about his purpose. Shadow did deny it and took off, but Rouge did start to worry about him. However, later on before Shadow and Sonic left to save the world... Eggman and the others didn't quite know what was going on and Rouge went ahead to read a diary entry of Dr. Robotnik.... Whenever she read it, she soon realizes why Shadow mentioned Maria alot. After Shadow fulfilled his promise to Maria to save the world.... But he didn't make his way through.... Sonic went back to thier shuffle and Rouge cames towards him to ask where Shadow was. But all he gave her was his bracelet, and he said he was a very great hero that nobody will never forget. This is whenever Rouge got very emotoonal and regreted those awful things she said to Shadow. But since Knuckles was her main crush and he approacohes to her about finding any more gems, she told him "Not this time... I got better things to do than carrying any more jewels around...". This symbolizes how much grief she felt when one of her teamates had gone away. And she didn't want to think about any crushes at the moment... But later on.... Rouge does re-unite with Shadow again on Sonic Heros and was happy to se he survived. But whenever she saw that most of his memory was erased, she started to feel bad for him. But she decided that she, Omega, and Shadow should work together as a team for now on.... Although whever she found out that the place she found Eggman's secret data base, she saw a bunch of copys of Shadow. This started to worry Rouge a bit and thought if the Shadow with her could have been another android. But Omega had told her that the real Shadow wouldn't be in the same room of androids. So this made Rouge become a little more confident and decided to work with both of them on thier next adventures. Like Shadow and Maria, his frienship an dpertnership with Rouge is what got them close together. And Rouge always hung out with im more than she ever did with Knuckles. Shadow and Maria had a very bitterweet friendship of a sweet naive girl and a very powerful creature. As for the partnership of Shadow and Rouge... A very mysterious, brutal yet powerful life-form along with a sexy, flirtatious but sneaky jewel thief are like partners in crime. :love:


Knuckles x Amy: Well... They are kind of cute, eben though they have no interest in each other. But both of them can be a bit stubborn, short-tempered, and are pretty tough if you piss them both off. And they do have funny fights with each other sometimes. Although I still see them mostly as just friends.

Knuckles X Sonia: I did watch Sonic Underground before and my first episode I ever watched from it is when they first meet Knuckles. Knuckles and Sonic didn't get along as always... But it seems like Sonic's sister Sonia breaks up thier fighting alot. She did compliment on Knuckles being cute and he sure did get blushy around her. I guess they probably had a bit of a crush on each other on the series. I thought it was very cute though, and at least she was alot more nicer than Rouge towards Knuckles.

Fang x Rouge: I may be a Shadouge fan, but come to think of it... I think this pairing wasn't bad either. I mean like Knuckles X shade, these two had similar personalites to each other as well. Both of them are treasure hunters, but basically jewel thiefs. Both of them are very greedy, flirtatious once ti comes to woman/men, and they both have a big rivarly towards Knuckles. They both even try to take the Master Emerald away from him. I bet if they bring Fang back to the games... It may be a bit of a new rivalry between these two greedy thieves.:XD:

Rotor X Sally Acorn: For some reason... I always prefered this more than Sonsal... I mean, they're both great friends too and they are pretty intellegent. If Rotor knows that much about mechanics, and Sally's knowledge through science and combat fighting skills... These two would make a very good team!

Silver X Tikal: yeah.... I love Silvaze and Chaotikal more but.... This is a cute pairing as well. Tikal is from the past, while Silver is from the future. Both of them are very naive but kind hearted. I know I said I don't like pairings where two characters never met... But these two are an acception since Silver is a time traveler. And I bet he can go to the past to meet her. Not like Couple wise only, but very friendly as well. And they both try to warn sonic amd the others about the awful feature of thier enemies. Hehehe ironic isn't it?


Bunnie X Antoinne: I already explained this one from another Sonic shipping meme I did.

Scourge X Fiona: I even explained this one already on that other one as well if you want to read it.

Tails X Cream: Man, I just use to love this pairing sooo much! Until alot of the intolerant tailream fanbrats and Cosmo haters just fucked it up for me..... But aside from that, there's another reason why I'm unsure about it. Like Charmy X Cream.... These two don't interact that much either, and I know they're both little kids and join in games alot. And Tails is Sonic's best friend, while cream is Amy's best friend. They are also little kids who look up to Sonic and Amy like thier own brother and sister. They are alot similar to each other and I do understand it. But then again, they could had just been like brother and sister too. I honestly support them that way alot more than lovers. Though I don't mind the pairing itself.... But the Extreme fans... Meh.... Plus it reminded me of other overrated parings like Fluttermac and Patgato.

Knuckles X Tikal: I use to love this pairing sooo much too! Even way before Rouge came along, but then the sad awful truth I found out about this paring. They were actually related..... I really don't like the idea of incest pairngs. Besides, she's from the past and I honestly don't know how that will work for both of them.

Espio X Tikal: Ok.... Now this is even more crack than Shadow X Tikal.... I mean really! I honestly don't understand why people love this one... Maybe they didn't want these two to be lonely and thought if they paiir them it gives both good Karma I guess? And some believe that Espio may be a ninja, but he can be a very protective gaurdian for her. But I honestly disagree, Tikal is the oppisite of weak to and I'm pretty sure she doesn't need Espio for her comfort. She does have Chaos by her side afterall. And Espio is probably better off single and free for his sakes. Then again, they never once met or interacted with each other. Tikal is from the past and Espio remains in the present, so how does that even work?

Espio X Nichole X Rotor: Ok, these two Nichole pairings are very more understandalbe. But at the same time, I just don't know about her relationships with both of them that much. Espio ONLY interected with Nichole in the comics. I guess I saw a moment of those two together while skimming through online pages and it is alot more sensable than Espio X Tikal. Yet... They even show alot of moments with her and Rotor. Rotor sure does love science and technology as well as Nichole. It's cute but.... I'm just unsure about both of these pairings.

Tails X Marine:... I didn't play Sonic Rush 2... But these two interacted with each other too. Though, it seems more like partners like Sonic and Blaze's partnership. I don't hate it or like it.... I just haven't played the game yet.....

Charmy X that bee princess(forgot her name) :...... They are cute and all but.... I just don't see it that much. She's not even an offical character to the game anyways...


Knuckles X Rouge: Before any of you get butthurt about this one, IT'S NOT BECAUSE I'M A SHADOUGE FAN! And I'm very tolerant to this pairing because I do have many friends and favourite artists who support this one. But let me tell you why I don't support it. This was honestly the most overrated Knuckles pairing along with Knuxulie-Sue. Most people claim that it's the ONLY canon Sonic pairing which is obviously NOT TRUE. They only stated that Rouge had a crush on Knuckles, they NEVER said anything about him liking her back or not! Sure they did have a moment in SA2 when Knuckles saved her from falling. But guys, remember this.... He only saved her because he's a hero and he would never let anyone even his own foes get hurt. I know Rouge did enjoy it, but I kind of find that unfair that she's still mean to him just to hide her feelings. Thier rivalry has NOTHING to do with why I don't like it. I mean don't get me wrong! I love both of them, they are both treasure hunters and I do get thier humorous love/hate relationship. But Knuckles doesn't seem like he would fall for her personality. I mean Rouge is beautiful and is one of my favourite female characters. But she can also be very selfish and greedy sometimes, and maybe Knuckles just didn't like that about her. He still sees her as a rival, but like him and Shade... He still does respect her. This is basically the reason why I don't support these two that much.

Shadow X Amy and Shadow X Tikal: No...... Well Amy is more like a sisterly figure to Shadow and I know he made a pormise to her to and she did remind him a bit of Maria.... But guys, keeping a promise doesn't mean he loves her. Perhaps he does have feelings for her... But as a little sister only. And I do know that they had moment sin the Shadow the hedeghog game where you can get the option to help Amy or not. But guys, that was OPTIONAL. You could have ignored her missions and move along. And I hate all of those overrated Shadamy/Sonamy fanfics where they either bastardize Sonic or Shadow to make him bad. WTF guys?! That's completley of thier characters! Now liking it as a funny love traingle is fine, but to make one pair look better than the other... Just no. As for Shadow X Tikal..... It's the same as Espio X Tikal only that Tikal would remind Shadow of Maria. And most people who support this are sometimes Knouge fans. Um guys... there's other Shadow and Tikal pairings besides Shadikal. What about Shadaria or Chaotikal? You can always make Maria a hedeghog or Chaos as an echidna. But of course... fandom these days... They don't even know each other either....

Sonsal: ok let me make this clear to you Sonsal upporters... I DON'T HATE SALLY ACORN! I love her and Amy Rose equally! But it's basically because Sally is really bossy and stubborn towards Sonic. And he never does take thier reltionship seriously sometimes. I only liked thier relationship in the SatAm cartoon, but in the comics...... Oh gawd... they fucked up Sally and Sonic's character badly..... They made them both fight alot in the comics where it got to a point where Sally slapped him across the face and called him selfish whenever he wanted to help the world! They even make Sally go after many boys just to make Sonic jealous! That's like more desperate than Amy! Way to ruin a percet character Ian Flynn! They broked up for a while but then... In the future comics they got married and made Sonic a king and he was happy about it.... WTF HELL?! Sonic is a free minded guy, he would NEVER be serious over duties like that! He's just a cool blue dude that likes to help others and run. And Sally cares for her people other than messing with Sonic.

Sonic x Mina X Tails: meh.... Same reason as Sonsal, though I dont hate Sonic x Mina that much.... It does pretty much make more sense than sonsal and Sonamy... but, I didn't like the idea of Sonic becoming a Womanizer. They should have left out romance in the comics, it seriously caused so many fanwars.... I think Mina and Sonic do make really great friends though, as lovers..... I don't really see it much. And whenever they made her marry Tails.... that has to be the most stupidest thing ever! They even hardly talk much and Mina was more interested in Sonic more. Couldn't they even leave out hints of those two liking each other before being married?

Sonic X Blaze: Nahhh.... I mean I do understand people ship this pairing way before Silver came. But I always saw both of them just as friends/partenrs.(Even before I knew about Silver) I honestly didn't think Blaze could fall for his cocky personality. And Sonic just wanted to help others out as always and he didn't really seem interested in her that much.

Storm x Wave:..... No, just no. The two hardly stand each other, and it's more like a brother and sister relationship.

Espio x Shade:.... Just like Espikal, these two never once or met each other.


Tails X Fiona X Sonic: My gawd, I honestly HATED Fiona the most from the comics. I mean who would like, I know at first she was very kind and innocent and like awlays... Another girl that fell for Sonic, but she also went after his best friend Tails. But it turns out that she never really cared about either of them and betrayed them. Hell, the only guy who interested her was that green Sonic recolor Scourge.T_T..... But whenever she slapped Tails acrossed the face mad me want to slap her! I mean poor Tails, seeing the fact that he was my very first favourite Sonic character made me hate Fiona even more for using him!

Knuckles X Julie-Sue: I'm not reallya big Julie-Sue fan but why they paired her with Knuckles in the comics had to be the MOST stupidest reason I ever heard of! I mean her being destined to be his future lover?! Oh cmon! They can't jsut make them fall in love right away! There had to be a better reason for these two. Plus, Julie-Su was always bossy to the Chaotix and even replaced Charmy when they go off missions. WTH?! I know Charmy is a kid and all but in the games he even did major parts for the chaotix too! Even bigger than what Julie-Sue has ever done! Plus, the echidna population ORIGINALLY died. It should have been Knuckles and Shade. But like I said.... These aren't even official characters, they're fanfiction comics afterall. And I just had it with the fanwars between Knouge and Knuxulie-Sue fans...-.-

Big X Blaze X Shadow: Ummmm.... Who the Hell even made these crack pairings? I don't really see these two Blaze pairings happening.

Sonic X Rouge:.... How does that even work? Both of them hardly show interest in each other.... It's like a Shadamy but with no reasons.


Sonic and Sally Acorn: I may not be a Sonsal fan, but I will admit they had an awesome friednship! Like Shadow and Rouge and his relationship with Amy, they both do look out for each other and fight along sides. There are many memorable moments they had when they were kids. Plus, I guess dating might ruin thier friendship a bit. Nothing beats frienship with a very fun outgoing hero and a tomboy princess!

Sonic and Mina Mongoose: They did have a fiew things in common, but I honestly think thier friendship was ALOT better than thier relationship.

Sally Acorn and Tails: Well, she was like a sisterly figure to Tails and they were even close as she was with Sonic.


Rouge X Amy Rose: Hehehe.... My OTP for yuri pairings.:giggle: I know most people see them more like best friends/systers... But if you think about it more... THEY DON'T HATE EACH OHER! they're only rivals.... But both girls try many ways to attract attention for Knuckles and Sonic. Yet it doesn't always work... They even like many cute and a fiew girly things. And I do believe these two would be more better as friends than rivals. Heheh since Sonamy and Shadouge are my fave hetero pairings for Rouge and Amy... They are jsut like a female verion of Shadow and Sonic.(even though I dislike sonadow)

Sally Acorn x Amy Rose: Ok, I may not love this one as much as I love Amouge but... It's still adorable! Hey Sally and Amy fans! THEY DON'T HATE EACH OTHER EITHER! I bet if they ever meet besides the comics, they would be the best friends! And I bet they'll both enjoy teasing Sonic! They are also best friends of Sonic. Both can be very strong, caring, and a bit stubborn sometimes.... But they happen to be the first female Sonic characters! In America.... Sally was actually the first, but in Japan... It was always Amy. So there's no need to hate these two! And I also can see them being such great friends! A tomboyish, yet loyal Acorn along with a girly, but lovely sweet Rose!:love:

Sally Acorn X Mina: Same reason as Sally and Amy but more friendly like.

Vector X Espio: Ok, I can honestly say that I totally DISLIKE yaoi.... But these two were an acception! It's funny though!XD I mean both are best friends and reptiles... But they do fight alot with funny arguements. Its almost like Sonic and Knuckles but Vector is like a Sonic while Espio is like Knuckles! It's pretty hilarious whenever Vector alwats denys Espio's warnings just so he can prove him wrong. They are just like Shawn and Gus from Psych and Dean and sam from Supernatural. And it's not even overrated as Sonadow. Vector being the greedy, bossy, yet humorous detective, while Espio is the stubborn, calm, but serious ninja. I wonder how thier Karma together would work?:XD:

Shadow X Espio:... Well.... my friend :iconespadow: sort of got me into to this one. They are just soooo much alike! And I love how they rarley smile when thier teamates Rouge and Vector tease around with them.XD


Espio X Takara(My main Sonic FC): I honestly wanted to hook her up with Vector..... But I just loved Vectilla way too much! I thought about Tails but he's a tad bit to young for her. Most girls would pair thiers with the three main hedies... But I wanted to try something different.... When I saw Espio... I saw that he was a loner and nobody seemed to give him that much attention. How could they not? He's my most favourite male character, and that's when I decided to pair him with Takara. I didn't want him to be so lonely...

Sally X Melvin Raccoon: yeah, I made him up a LONG time ago and I'm going to redraw him again. But I made him for her because Sally needed some loive too. Most people like Khan X sally but me... I mean, when she dated him I got the feeling that she wanted to make Sonic jealous! That didn't seem like real love! So I thought I make up this mysterious guy for her and he'll be here reall soon!;)


Just Big and ray.....

Fiew.... This took forever to type! But it's because when I saw other Sonic pairing memes... They had weak reasons to support them and I wanted to make mine a bit stronger than that.


The meme belongs to it's rightful owner(c)

All Sonic charatcers belong to :iconsegalogoplz: and Archie (c)

Takara and Melvin belong to :iconmoonlight1wish: (c)
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I actually don't hate Jetamy anymore...  Started to like it lately, but ONLY as a crack pairing.
jetandwaveforever Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh, lol. I personally hate Jetamy. I can never see Amy with Jet, really can't. If I were to get used to Jetamy, I'd rarely read or see it. Same goes with tailave.
XxMoonlight-1-WishxX Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha lmao I was like the same way once but ehhh...  Crack shipping got the best of me.XD

No I don't really ship them hardcore not do I see them in a relationship.  Crack pairings just mean "Most likey never" type of pairings and just for the shits/giggles.
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