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:iconaceofspeed94: - His OC, DM, and PM in a dark alliance (Digital Style):bulletblack:
:iconsparkle-master01: Her OC Kiki Rose(traditional style):bulletblack:
:iconcardigirl28: Her OC Angel the Cat (traditional style):bulletred:

- :iconthrillingraccoon: - Mittens Moonbathing (still sketching it) :bulletgreen:
- :iconcottoncattailtoony: - Samantha x Alex Wedding :bulletblack:
- :iconsofonisbasaki: - Her OC Sarah :bulletred:
- :iconroseprincess25: - Her with Lord Hater :bulletblack:


The Birthday Massacre Animated by AineMuirgheal The Birthday Massacre V3 by AshlieNelson the birthday massacre. by ZOMBIES-EAT-STAMPS Birthday Girl by GreenHuntress1 Emilie Autumn Stamp by EveElle Emilie Autumn Stamp by justdacat Plague rat stamp. by Alice91 Digital Daggers Stamp by transparent-answer t.A.T.u Stamp by MiSAVIN Kerli Koiv Stamp by mxlove Ladytron Stamp by VillieMurk heavy metal STAMP by peterdzign Kill Hannah stamp animated by Shayochism The Nightwish War by OurHandOfSorrow nightwish stamp by eliteracer Floor Jansen Stamp by Darling55 Epica band stamp by hmryz Within Temptation stamp by purgatori Sirenia by skinnyveestamp Delain by Smaragdia Lacuna Coil by skinnyveestamp Apocalyptica FanStamp by My-Black-WidoW Xandria stamp by Esmeraldaplz Liv Kirstine Stamp by AshlieNelson Kamelot band stamp by hmryz Van Canto Stamp by Jakuz-Stampz Blackmore's Night by renatalmar stamp: Tarja turunen fan by MoNyOh Theatre of Tragedy stamp by narel Band: Korn by TheStampKing Music genres - Gothic metal by necromantress-stamps Music genres - Industrial rock by necromantress-stamps Music genres - Industrial rock by necromantress-stamps Marilyn Manson stamp by sequelle SlipKnoT by LordOfTheInferno Slipknot Stamp by PsychoSlaughterman Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose System of a Down Stamp by Megalis Band: Korn by TheStampKing



Aspergers-Stamp by Dinoclaws Bullshit Excuse Stamp (READ DESCRIPTION) by xXShivaChanXx My Disorder stamp by 2138 Mexico Stamp by phantom
Christian Goth Stamp by Myrret Modern Goth by skinnyveestamp too many Monster Movies by ancestorsrelic Dark and Cute Stamp by bezzalair I Support Cute Things's Stamp by lynart Lolita stamp 2 by HappyStamp Gothic Lolita Stamp by r0ckmom Stripy Socks Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Gothic culture Stamp by deviantStamps Boot Stamp by RPDOfficer You don't have to wear black to be Goth stamp. by Axol-The-Axolotl kiss me in the dark by Gothicmama I Dig Cemeteries Stamp by Polstar-Photography Skulls Stamp by Shadyufo I love skeletons stamp by beautiful-d0ubthorn love stamp by DelfimSpooky Stamp by ArtistMeli Pumpkin stamp by DeviantSithI Love Halloween by KorineForever Dark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Tomboy and Girly-Girl by Linkerbell Humans and other species by Seriiko Stamp: I Support Monster X Maiden Pairings by StephDragonnessStamp: I Support Monster X Maiden Pairings by StephDragonness Interspecies Stamp by Toni-the-Mink Interspecies Stamp by RaptorArts Xenophile stamp by AirieFeristoPro Teratophilia Stamp by ArrhythmiaNyx Pro Teratophilia Stamp by ArrhythmiaNyx Slimey Tongue Fetish -Stamp- by sythiar Stamp: Sharp Teeth by Rapha-chan Anthro Stamp by x-Statik There's nothing wrong about being a furry by SoraRoyals77 Pinup Stamp by missjesswinkwink Nudity Stamp by gemstone71552 Lingerie stamp by MarmaladeYuu Sexy Is Slutty by Its-An-Inferno Bloody stamp by emptyidentityentity I love black stamp by violetsteel I love red stamp by violetsteel I love purple stamp by violetsteel I love pink stamp by violetsteel I love blue stamp by violetsteel Monsters by skinnyveestamp Demons by skinnyveestamp I love Angels Stamp by illynI Love Mermaids Stamp by kingvFantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatoriProtected by Werewolves stamp by purgatori Protected by Vampires stamp by purgatori Protected by Unicorns stamp by purgatori Protected by Elves stamp by purgatori Protected by Gryphons stamp by purgatori Orcs need love stamp by purgatori Mythology Freak Stamp by kuro-stamps Love the Moon by skinnyveestamp I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain Winter Nights by skinnyveestamp I like Stars by OnWingsOfBlue

Fantasy by ashestoScience Fiction by ashestoMystery by ashestoFiction by ashestoSo Many Books by LaPurrVideogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-SweetieDA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - I Love Movies 01 by tppgraphics

Favorite Shows:
Star vs the Forces of Evil Stamp by ChrisRainicorn Star vs the Forces of Evil,Stamp by conexionmanga Steven Universe by stampsnstuff Steven Universe Stamp by univrs The Amaaaaazing World of Gumball by stampsnstuff Gravity Falls Stamp 2012 by ScittyKitty Regular Show Stamp [ANIMATED VERSION] by darkdissolution Regular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by Zenity Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo Over the Garden Wall by stampsnstuff RC9GN Stamp by stampsnstuff We Bare Bears stamp by nintendoqs [Harvey Beaks] Stamp by NElGHB0R Nicktoons Stamp by GreenFeline777 Catscratch Stamp by Tokisei i love powerpuff girls by 2ik Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Stamp by SolarFluffy Friendship IS Magic by Mistralla (Request) Loonatics Unleashed Stamp by SoraRoyals77 TMNT Stamp: 87-03-12 by Culinary-Alchemist Sonic Boom TV Series Stamp by StarSonic64 Courage Stamp by Gehdahnia Stamp: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. by Catthylove

(Though I do prefer other animation styles more, I still like some animes out there....)

I like Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal Stamp by NatouMJSonicMadoka Magica Stamp by MeepNyanCCS Love by KTstampsStamp: Fullmetal Alchemist by 64SuperNintendoSOUL     EATER by 80avatarfan80Inuyasha Fan Stamp by Busirisfairy tail stamp by HavickArtSpace Dandy Stamp v.3 by aFiendKill La Kill by stampsnstuffAttack on Titan stamp by SolusNoxRWBY Stamp by MewGiX3.:.Bleach Stamp.:. by xEternaLTwilighTxOne Piece stamp by MariaPereiraStamp: Tenchi Muyo by zoro4me3Outlaw star stamp by OtakuvampireAnime Stamp by ReikoChanDeath Note Stamp by polaralexStamp-karin (chibi Vampire) by angy-chan44Rozen Maiden Fan Stamp by Tea-StrawberryCode Geass Montage by 80avatarfan80Panty And Stocking Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoLittle Witch Academia stamp by Tea-Strawberry





Should I give Myrna a huge collection of very creepy dolls? Like, if she had a big shelf case full of them.

Dont ask why, I'm a big fan of the Living Dead Dolls as well as Blythe and Pullip Dolls (I have two Living Dead Dolls at the moment<3) and seeing how gothy Myrna is, I imagine her playing with those type of dolls as a child. Like, Inferno would even give her different series of them for every birthday. And she would even customize/create her own dolls and plush toys when she's bored.(to use for voodo for dark rituals or to play with ) Even as an adult now, she still keeps them and tries to collect a lot of them.

I can imagine Hater being creeped out by her creepy dolls when they're alone in her bedroom together XD Well, that's what he gets for dating a goth babe.
WoY: Lord Dominator Doodles by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
WoY: Lord Dominator Doodles
I actually drew these on my notebook while I got bored in class....

For someone who loves Lord Hater, I sure do enjoy drawing Dominator so much XD

I don't know, she's super fun to draw besides Hater. I haven't loved a female character this much since Marceline and Karai. (We need more alternative chicks in cartoons, whether they're goth, punk, or metal. She's more like a metal girl )

I can't wait for the episode that shows her view point soon!:

Don't worry Hater, you'll still remain as my fave.~:heart:

Lord Dominator (c) Craig McCracken/Disney

Doodles (c) XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
WoY FFC : Day 2 - Blushy dorky Girlfriends by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
WoY FFC : Day 2 - Blushy dorky Girlfriends

Another part of the Femslash Challenge for Wander Over Yonder.

Since today's theme is "Favorite Wanda over Yondah ship" I felt like doodling some gender bend Death Glare ~:heart:

Okay you guys caught me....Tomoyo Blushing Icon 

I know Hater x Myrna is my forever OTP, I cannot deny that I did ship Hater with other characters at one point.:XD:

If I had to see Hater with any of the canons in the show, I would put my bets on Peepers. Only because I always love their interactions with each other and they bicker like an old married coupleXD Seriously, Death Glare was always one of my favorite WoY ships other than Seahorse and Sylava. That being said, their bromance is so strong and I’m sure convinced that Peepers has a fanboy crush on Hater and is jealous of Dom since he wants senpai to notice him.

Plus, I find them super adorable in the gender bend fanart. Such cute dorky lesbies <3

To be honest, trying to make a gender bend design for Lady Hater is very hard to do… I can’t really imagine her big or can’t see her with boobs. (Yeah I know it looks like she has some, but I think that’s probably some push up bra.) I wish there were more female skeletons because it was hard for me to put this together. Her dress is only open because eh, Dominator has an open skirt and I don’t see why Lady Hater can’t have one. I still want her to look more dorky than sexy.:giggle"

And I had drawn female Peeps before, or how I call her “Peepette”. I sort of made her butt a bit to big tho…..

Not the best, but I’m trying. Plus I plan to draw Lady Hater and Myrna soon for this challenge ;)

Sorry if this is a sketch, I got some homework to do.

Hater and Peepers (c) Craig McCracken/Disney

My version of Lady Hater and Commander Peepette and art (c) XxMoonlight-1-WishxX

Guys false alarm, it was a stupid tumblr error.

Godamnit, that website pisses me off even with its glitches.
What do you do if one of your favorite artists you always looked up to had blocked you?:( (And you two followed each other and always respected each other and you never done anything cruel to them at all )
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been online too much, but I wanted to wish you all a late Happy New Years.^^;

To be honest, College just started for me last Wednesday and I was too busy trying to myself prepared for college. That being said, I recently got a brand new job that day. I got hired to be a caregiver for a day care center they have at this wreck center in my town. Which is nice, but I'm still in training so I have to fill out papers and read lots of rules the state required for the job before I can fully help out with the children. They're very small kids, tho some of them already got attached to me and called me Miss Hailey XD.

I'm not going to be taking art classes this year since my mother wants me to take a break on that so I can get my basic courses out of the way. Just so you guys know, I'm gonna be very busy this semester but I may or may not be available on the weekends depending on the amount of homework they assigned me with. Here's the schedule of my classes so far...

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have the following classes and times:

- Texas Government 9:00-9:45 AM
- US History II 10:00-10:45 AM
- Intro to Psychology 11:00 -11:45 AM

As for work, here are my hours for M- F.

Only on Wednesdays, I work 2:30-5:30.

I'm also going to be taking driving practice every once a week since an old tutor will help me out with it. (I know driving is one of my big fears, but I"m trying to overcome it so I can move on with life )

I thought I should inform you guys about this, since there's a high chance I may not be online that much. (Maybe on the weekends, but it depends on the amount of assignments I'm given )

And so far... I have only three ATs...

1. :iconxxmajestyvaldorexx: (its a nsfw trade since we're both adults, but we'll post that on private websites)
2. :iconcottoncattailtoony: 
3. :iconspongekid1999:

Please don't ask me, I'm not sure if I plan to do more. But to be honest, I'm going to be very strict with art trades this time. Instead of making journals, I'm going to ask whoever I want a trade with for now.(and for close friends) I know that sounds harsh, but I have so much going on IRL. Plus, I'm gonna do one at a time for now on since I'm trying to limit myself and I hate making others wait.

I may consider doing actual cash commissions soon, BUT I need to make a paypal account first and it depends on my schedule.

To be honest with you guys, I've been having paranoia problems lately.... Nothing super big, but I keep having a fear if another tragic event will happen in 2016. I mean, after my brother's car accident in 2013, big time family issues around 2014, sister's accident as well along with me being in a car accident (but it wasn't bad as my bro's, it really did scare me) as a friend of mine got killed in 2015, it makes my paranoia grow bigger.
You guys see where I'm coming from?  I just want a nice fresh start this year and having the best hope that I can.

However I do have goals for this coming year:

- To get pass my classes as always
- To be very sucessful at work
- To overcome my driving fears and start driving again
- To cook some more so I can prepare myself for future purposes
- To start practicing animation
- To improve on my digital art skills
- While animation and cartoons are my big thing/interest, I sort of want to improve more on anatomy, realism, and practice drawing other styles like fantasy themed or macabre/horror pics. (This also includes getting better with NSFW art, but that's gonna be on my private tumblr blog only )
- Hopefully, buy more games and fun stuff for the Wii
- Getting more ideas for cosplaying and hopefully go to the San Diego Comic Con
- And to at least always have hope for this coming year despite tragic events

I just wanted to inform you guys since I'm bad with updating at times....^^;
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  • Listening to: The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Blutengel
  • Reading: IDW TMNT Comics, Age of Dragons
  • Watching: I'm sleepy, but the new WoY episode soon
  • Playing: Mario Kart Wii U, Fran Bow, Brutal Legend
  • Drinking: Water


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UT - Sans Mini Page Doll by whitenoize UT - Napstablook Mini Page Doll by whitenoizeH-Kitty by Robo-Shark UT - Muffet Mini Page Doll by whitenoize UT - Papyrus Mini Page Doll by whitenoize
UT - Muffet Sprite by whitenoize :blackrose::iconblackrose-1::iconblackrose-2::iconblackrose-3::iconblackrose-4::iconblackrose-5::iconblackrose-6::iconblackrose-7x::blackrose: UT - Muffet Sprite by whitenoize

Okay.... Too lazy to type more info but I'll describe a bit about myself....

Please Enjoy my gallery!


Grandmother: :iconnsxx99: (knows me to well and had no choice^^)
Mother: :iconyumiyoshimurarock88:
Brother: :iconthrillingraccoon: :iconediskrad327:
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:iconxxmysticaxx: :iconxxmoonlight-1-wishxx: :iconskitzopheliac:




My WoY OCs RP/Ask blog

MY FANDOMS: (Though some of these are inactive )
Wander over Yonder stamp by Mit-boyYeee it's an Undertale stamp by endlerTMNT Stamp: 87-03-12 by Culinary-Alchemist [Stamp] Deep-Sea-Prisioner/Okegom Fan by ReenLvwStar vs the Forces of Evil Stamp by ChrisRainicorn Star Fox Stamp by GreenFeline777 (Request) Loonatics Unleashed Stamp by SoraRoyals77 MARVEL Stamp by TwilightProwler WFRR title card stamp by KrofftFan96

FAVORITE MALE CHARRIES: (just for fun, try not to take this too seriously since they are fictional ^^; Some of these characters I either have platonic feels or bigger feels XD )
Stamp request: Lord Hater fan by Iki-makes-stampsUT - Asriel Stamp 02 by whitenoizeUT - Mettaton EX Stamp by whitenoize Toffee Stamp by SoraRoyals77TMNT 2012 Leatherhead - Stamp by XxMoonlight-1-WishxXBrawl Stamp 55 by Frobie-Mangaka Tech E. Coyote stamp by 6t76t META KNIGHT IS EPIC by oceanographergrlDon't Judge Bowser Stamp by Bowser2QueenEspio Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Taurus Stamp by HavickArt venom by FediniSTAMPpage Ghost Rider Stamp by foreverastone Punisher by Stampernaut Toon Patrol Weasels Stamp by conkeronine Weasel Greasy Stamp by conkeronine-Zorak Fan Stamp- by Silvolf TMNT Bebop + Rocksteady Stamp by dA--bogeyman Stamp: TMNT OotS - Bebop and Rocksteady by TMNT-Raph-fanZoro Smile by spider999now Itward stamp (Fran Bow) by FnafFan2000 Jack o Lantern Stamp by Insacove

Sylvia/Emperor Awesome Stamp by FedoraBow Stamp: Dipper/Pacifica fan by Iki-makes-stamps Steven x Connie by Marlenesstamps Soriel Stamp by Sammi-SprinklesBratty x Catty stamp by The-Faygo-QueenToriel x Asgore Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat TMNT-DonniexApril Stamp by FlashyFashionFraud TMNT-LeoxKarai Stamp by FlashyFashionFraudRaphMona stamp by Nai-16B

Anti-DomHater Stamp by KessieLou:thumb542819773:Anti Frisk X Sans Stamp by Lola-RolaStamp request: Anti Jasper/Lapis Lazuli by Iki-makes-stampsAnti Amethyst x Steven -stamp- by LuigidabestAnti Pearl X Rose - Stamp by Starrceline(Request) Anti Jack FrostXElsa Stamp by SoraRoyals77Anti Pitch X Jack Frost - Stamp by StarrcelineAnti Pinecest - Stamp by StarrcelineStamp request: Anti Bill Cipher/Dipper Pines by Iki-makes-stampsStamp request: Anti Mabel Pines/Bill Cipher by Iki-makes-stampsAgainst Shipping Real People by ZexyZakura

Personal Opinions, other info, and Pet Peevs:
Not Being a Sheep of Popular Opinion by wwwareaDon't confuse the two as the same thing by Rebi-ValeskaListen close by Rebi-ValeskaKindly Stop Making Us Pyschotic Book Freaks by endlerIT'S THEIR FAULT!1!!11 by ChikitaWolfNo i do not read it by SoraRoyals77We can have our beliefs, too [STAMP] by The-Devious-WolfNot wanting kids means shit, girls. by AClockworkKittenStamp: I refuse. by 8manderz8More and More Symbol Confusion by endlerYeup by ChikitaWolfDon't be an extremist D: by ChikitaWolfFaith Stamp by xXPariahsXxStamp: SBNR by FunnelVortexStop Generalizing #1 by RebiValeskaIntelligence For All Beings by RebiValeskaI'm not a Bible Thumper... by Nisshoku-artLBGT and not a wimp by Guei-GirlThey can be christians too by SoraRoyals77Hatred fueling battles. by Superwing200Cry More, Special Snowflakes by s-t-a-m-p-sSorry, I hate the homophobic biblethumper. by LizzyNebulaAdoption? Saving unwanted kids? you don't care.  by Little-rolling-beanRights is not Supremacy by HappyFetusKittenI'm looking at you, Lena Dunham. by DaBairHomosexual spousal abuse does happen folks. by Guei-GirlI've been persecuted, treat me special...OR ELSE! by Guei-GirlMore Moaning About Feminism... by Mintaka-TK''I'M WORSE OFF THAN U!!1!'' by Mintaka-TKIn Which An Attempt To Be PC Backfires... by Mintaka-TK BAWWW SUM1 CALLED ME FAT by Mintaka-TKOh Noez, It's the Patriarchal Boogeyman! by Mintaka-TKSupport One Or The Other - You Can't Have Both by Mintaka-TK

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XxMoonlight-1-WishxX has started a donation pool!
282 / 1,000
Yeah I want to start working on Point commisions sooo please donate if you want me to make some!!!

But first the Rules............


:bulletgreen: Fan OCs and Fan characters

:bulletgreen: Canon X Canon Pairings(even if I don't like the ship) and FC X FC pairings

:bulletgreen: Yaoi and Yuri

:bulletgreen: OC X Canon/ FC X Canon

:bulletgreen: Anime/Manga, Cartoons, Anthros, and other fictional characters

:bulletgreen: Blood and gorey Macarbe Art

:bulletgreen: A bit of realism is fine too

:bulletgreen: nudity as long as it's not porn

:bulletred: Hate/Bash art

:bulletred: Pairings that involve incest or pedophilia

:bulletred: Religion and Political stuff(I am Catholic but I just don't want to cause arguements)

:bulletred: Inflation, feet fetish, and other Fetish Art

:bulletred: NSFW (I'm only going to do that with those 18 or older or just close friends )

:bulletred: Male Pregnancy

:bulletred: Drawing recolored Characters

:bulletred: Photography (Well Until I get a new camera)

If you even dare try to rush me, then I have the RIGHT to drop the commision!!!

Ok now the prices!!!

:bulletwhite: Sketch - 5 :points:

:bulletblack: Lineart - 10 :points:

:bulletpurple: Colored with no background - 20 :points:

:bulletred: Colored with a simple background - 30 :points:

:bulletpink: Fully colored with the most epic background - 40 :points:

But remember....PLEASE BE PAITIENT!!!!

Here's how the Progress works:

:bulletblack: - I haven't started

:bulletred: - Sketch completed

:bulletyellow: - Lineart finished

:bulletgreen: Almost done

:star: - DONE!!!

You must be logged in to donate.
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