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Aspergers-Stamp by Dinoclaws STAMP: Mental Illnesses by Mottenfest Excuse Stamp by TheBloodskins Stamp - Support Goth Culture by 6v4MP1r36 Goths Are NOT Satanists by jocund-slumber Modern Goth by skinnyveestamp Christian Goth Stamp by Myrret





TMNT PINUP : Killer Bara Turtle by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
TMNT PINUP : Killer Bara Turtle
Yes I know, I'm so unoriginal with this title DX

Ummmmmm yeah....  Don't ask....:iconblushingmadplz:  I was actually planning to draw out pinups of every TMNT character since I've seen many of the main turtles but not the other characters.  Plus this was for my friend :iconashtheechidna: since I was at her house for the weekend and she wanted me to sketch her a Slash pinup so badly.  So yup, he's shell-less here.;)  Damn, it was a struggled drawing his mucles but very much worth it!:iconsweetblushplz:  Gotta admit, this was very fun to do and Slash makes one hot bara.:XD:  (plus I want to draw more baras since I've been attracted to those type of men than just bishies ~:heart: )  I may do another one of the brothers soon, but I'm not so sure yet since there's so much. I may do one of Master Splinter though since we saw him shirtless on that recent episode....~<3  *shot*

So which ones should I do next?:iconimhappyplz:

I only see Mikey, Leo, Donnie, and Raph as cute lil bby brothers....  Slash is the hottest turtle of them all in this version XD 

Spike "Slash" (c) Mirage studios, Ciro Nieli/ Nick

Sketch (c) XxMoonlight-1-WishxX  
WoY: Lady Lilith - WIP/Concept Sketches by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
WoY: Lady Lilith - WIP/Concept Sketches
Ummmmm yeah I drew this over the weekend at my friend's house....:iconhurrplz: This is pretty much another hellspawn lovechild of Hater and Myrna's and Vortex's little sister. (well she's only two years younger than Vortex)

So her name is Lilith and she's pretty much your typical spoiled bratty rich girl that tries to get what she wants. Despite her being a bit of a Daddy's girl, she does tend to get attach to Myrna and pick her behavior up from her as well. She inherits both powers from her parents but is still in training to learn how to use her powers. She always bribes people with her cuteness to get her own way and is a bit of a little fashion snob. Lilith may be a little brat in the family, but if anyone dares to mess with them then you better run!  This little cutie doesn't certainly take shit from anyone ans will find ways to torture her enemies.  

  Mother/ Mistress Myrna:  She always enjoys spending time with her mommy when they make spells together, sew clothing, and going shopping as well as spa treatments.  Myrna was not only a mother-figure to her, but a role model for her daughter as well.  Lilith was very inspired by her mother's beauty and evil ideas to where she wants to be the next fairest in the galaxy.  Even if she does pick her bad habits up from her mother, Myrna still often scolds her to behave like a proper young lady.  Though she does tend to get away with things with her daddy, to where Myrna snaps at both of them for it.

Father/ Lord Hater:  Well Lilith is sure one of a daddy's girl but only to get what she wants.  As she turned to age 5 years old, Lord Hater would sometimes take her out during father/daughter quality time at evil missions.  Or whenever he needs to buy things at stores for equipment and weapons, she will always beg of how much she wants something.  He does get very annoyed with her bad behavior, but tends to give her what she wants just to keep her quite rather than punishing her like Myrna does.  Hater always spoils her as they go to places so she can get what she desires.  However, if any little boys or anyone messes with his little princess, they'll pay a visit in his torture room.;)  He even teaches her and Vortex that the only way to defend themselves from bullies is by giving them a good scare.:XD:

Brother/ Vortex: Oh boy....  These two sure get along greatXD  *sarcasm*  Well the two always tend to pull cruel pranks as well as pick on each other for a sibling bond.  They even compete with each other of who will be the best ruler in their family.  Even when Myrna makes them do their chores, they would tend to compete just so they can get a reward from their parents.  Even if they always fight a lot, they still care about each other and will have each other's backs once it comes to bullies or their enemies.  The two do like to bond together when they both torture creatures or pull the most evil pranks on their enemies.

Is it me, or does she almost look a mix between Princess Morbucks and a Powerpuff Girl? Well Craig did make both WoY and PPG, plus I based her design/personality off of Princess Morbucks. And since Lord Hater is the Mojo Jojo in the series while I designed Myrna to be the Sedusa in woy.... I feel like they needed a girl like Princess Morbucks XD (yes her VA would be hers as will)
I'll make her a ginger C: *gets shot*

Yes all of their children are girls while Vortex is the only boy XD   I will do her bio, colors, and relation with other characters soon <3

Here is their son Vortex is you guys haven't seen him yet.:3

WoY: Vortex - WIP/Concept sketches

:iconlordhaterplz:, Wander over Yonder (c) Craig McCracken/Disney

Mistress Myrna, Vortex, and Lilith (c) XxMoonlight-1-WishxX

WoY: The Sexy Time by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
WoY: The Sexy Time
lmao I really suck at drawing these scenes....  I hope this ain't too graphic, since porn isn't allowed on DA...

Just a continuation of this.....:iconshyblushplz:
WoY: Some Electric Fire Fluff Sketches

Ok I would have drawn more and be active here during my break but sadly our internet went shitty last week and since college just started.... eyup.:I which sucks because I was hoping to finish gift art as well as a few ATs....  why does the internet hate me?  I needed it to use refs....

But I drew this way back when I was alone at the house again during that time of crappy internet....  So bear with me I didn't have much refs to help me so I had to make up a few poses =A=  SEXY INTIMIDATE SCENES.....  Y U SO HARD TO DRAW?!:iconwhyyounoplz:  I MEAN REALLY, I DRAWN HATER SO MANY TIMES AND I CAN'T EVEN MAKE HIM LOOK AS SEDUCTIVE OR DRAW HIM WITH KISSY FACES!!!  PLUS THEIR HEIGHT DIFFERENCES ARE SO DAMN HARD TO MAKE POSES!!!! >8C  I ALSO WANTED TO DRAW THEM MAKING OUT BUT FFFFF MY INTERNET WAS SO CRAPPY THAT I COULDN'T FIND REFERENCES FOR THAT!!!  I hate drawing kissy scenes lmao....  

But then again, it was all worth it....:iconsweetblushplz: :eyes:

Most of this was for posing and anatomy practice though.....  I may make another soon, but it won't be posted here...  Just on this secret sideblog I made on tumblr.  I WILL NOT ALLOW YOUNGSTERS TO FIND OUT ABOUT IT.  Only those who are 18 and older. :I

:iconlordhaterplz: (c) WoY  (yeah not gonna even type or tag it...  don't want youngsters for find it anywhere)

Mistress Myrna and sketches (c) XxMoonlight-1-WishxX (c)
Fangirl Sleepover - Gift by XxMoonlight-1-WishxX
Fangirl Sleepover - Gift

Pffffft.... Don't ask.... This was pretty much a topic I had with :iconskitzopheliac:  the other day... Well pretty much having hose fangirl talks and having dreams about or OCs with our favorite male characters on these fandoms were in.XD(Ok to be fair, the dreams were more like ummm sexy mature dreams about them;D)  Then I noticed :iconstellasstar: commented on her status on that topic as well and... Me being the comment stalker thought of a great belated gift art for he both of them XD

So umm yeah... You can say I drew us as chibis holding plushies of our favorite male characters while talking about those dreams of our oc x canon ships.:iconhurrplz:

So yeahStar likes Katz, Ophy got Fiddles there, and then there's me fangirling over Lord Hater.XD. Funny thing is, each of us fangirl over evil characters.(not sure about Fidds being evil though, since he's only from LoL). And I pretty much drew our lovely OCs with them in each dream bubble :iconstuddmuffinplz:  I haven't drawn Katz and Star in forever, funny how I was watching Courage while drawing this.:XD:

I wanted to color this but ehhh... Not sure of I wasn't going to have time since I'm trying to work on other gift arts. Man it sucks not having a scanner, I think I'll color it once I get my tablet back. I love how they're fangirling over a psychopathic cat and killer scarecrow while I'm fangirling over a dorky skeleton.XD. Yus I wrote shipping names for each of them C: 
I hope you like it guys.... Gonna work on gifts for my other sister and friends<3

Fiddlesticks, League Of Legends (c) Riot Games

:iconkatzplz:, Courage the Cowardly Dog (c) John R. Dilworth/ CN

:iconlordhaterplz:, Wander Over Yonder (c)  Craig McCracken/ Disney

Star belongs to StellasStar (c)

Ophy and Venganza (c) SkitzOpheliac

Mistress Myrna, sketch, and me (c) XxMoonlight-1-WishxX

Ok I am so sorry sorry for being quite here and to greet you all a super-belated Thanksgiving...  Sorry school worked my ass off with all those finals and ehhhh....  I really hope I did pass English 2 since the final was pretty hard.(It was open note but Holy shit, some of those notes I really didn't need DX)  I yet need to comment on those birthday gifts....  So much messages on my inbox, I think I'm afraid I may delete some since that puts too much stress on me.  Plus I was helping out my mom decorate the Christmas Tree with my sisters....^^; and I was a lazy piece of shit since I had break my break since Tuesday...

Well I'm having mixed feelings about Christmas this year, partially due to that drama between my mother and grandparents and well...  Family feud that I mentioned from October...  We're not going to celebrate with a big family like we always do that much anymore....  I'll admit, I missed  those times of celebrating with my grandparents and other family members since that's probably one of my favorite things about Christmas.  Well I'm happy to know my brother will still visit us at least, it won't feel the same without him.  Last Christmas was a bit sad but full of thankfulness since we spent it at Baylor where my brother had to recover his brain injury.  I mean yes last year was very hard for us, but it was nice to still have my brother to survive so he can always celebrate these special traditions for us.  Plus it was always my Christmas wish for him to heal better than ever and he's doing great now...  But it will take some time for him to be fully healed.  However, I'm not going to let this ruin my joy of the holidays.  Me and my mom talked about this before and I do understand why she had it with our grandparents and why I do enjoy being with them...  We both do agree that just because our family kind of fell apart, it does NOT mean its the end of the world.  We at least still have each other and she promised me and my sisters to have a wonderful Christmas to remember.~:heart:  But if I had a wish for Christmas, all I ever want is our families to forgive and make peace to each other at least.  I know we can't make people change and I do accept that, but it would be nice to see my mom and grandparents to give each other love like she did with me and my siblings. But I'm sure we will have a wonderful Christmas this year and I appreciate the things my mom does for all of us.:) Though speaking of Christmas, I got plenty ideas in mind for all my DA friends here ;)  But they all may be traditional since I sadly need to buy a new computer since the one I'm using is full of viruses and is so outdated.  I really do love making gifts for my friends, it just gives me more motivation and it gives me a good feeling;)

So the Annie Awards are coming again this year and I looked at the nominations and I got excited to see which things got nominated this year!!!

Best Animated Feature 

  • Big Hero 6 - 
Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Cheatin' - Plymptoons Studio
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 - DreamWorks Animation SKG
  • Song of the Sea - GKIDS/Cartoon Saloon
  • The Book of Life - Reel FX Animation Studios/Twentieth Century Fox
  • The Boxtrolls - Focus Features/Laika
  • The LEGO Movie -Warner Bros. Pictures
  • The Tale of The Princess Kaguya - GKIDS/Studio Ghibli

OMFG FOR THE MOVIES I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THE CHOICES ON THERE<333333  However, I really cannot decide what I want to win this year....  For one I love The Book of Life so much because it talked about the Mexican heritage and coming from someone who's Mexican, I can pretty much relate to some aspects of this movie.  I mean the art, animation, character designs, and voice acting was too brilliant for me!  I love how they do portray the female characters and usually I hate love triangles...  But it was a movie with a love triangle done right. PLUS DIAS DE LOS MUERTOS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE TRADITIONS FROM THE MEXICAN HERITAGE<33333   BUT I ALSO LOVE BIG HERO 6!!!!  I mean seriously, watching that movie with my older brother and sister....  I relate to it so much since I nearly lost my brother last year and how he's even so good with technology like Hiro's brother Tadashi D:  Plus it was a movie WITHOUT romance in it at all!  Like seriously, it's nice too see kickass female characters that are not love interests for once.;D  Plus I just love how it focused more on platonic relationships like family bonding and friendship, I wish more movies can teach children that.  As for How to Train your Dragon 2, I love that movie as well and it be really nice to see it win this year at least.  Plus I really loved the background story behind Hiccups' mother and his father...  Very heartbreaking too and I just love how his mother had such a great love/compassion for those dragons.:love:  As for The Lego movie....  it was good, BUT it really wasn't that great.:I  I mean I do love the animation of stop motion and I grew up with lego...  But the movie's humor seemed a bit too forced and the story seem to go by fast.:/  It was not a bad movie though, but they could have made much more improvements on it.  I can't say much about the other movies since I haven't really seen them:/

Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production For Children’s Audience

  • Adventure Time
 - Cartoon Network Studios
  • Gravity Falls - 
Disney Television Animation
  • Legend of Korra - Nickelodeon Animation Studio
  • Over The Garden Wall
 - Cartoon Network Studios
  • Wander Over Yonder 
- Disney Television Animation
FFFF YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM TO SEE WANDER OVER YONDER AND OVER THE GARDEN WALL ON THIS LIST!!!<3333  Well Wander Over Yonder actually got nominated for four categories than just Best animated production for children.  Which honestly makes me so happy, I really hated how Disney treats this show and overshadows it through their other things including those crappy teen sitcoms.:/  Well I can't explain why I love WoY so much since I know my watchers got the idea...  But I will say just like Steven Universe, this show does NOT focus on romance at all but more on platonic relationships and friendship.  Even when they do add in romance, it's mostly for a comedy gags.:XD:  Plus I do enjoy the art style along with the music, character designs, and how it's all a space theme. (lmao why is everything I'm getting into having those alien/space themes?)  I really love how the comedy revolves around classic cartoons from the 90s and will pull of many cartoon gags.  It's light-hearted with a few adult jokes thrown around and it does teach kids moral lessons.  And for some reason, Wander and Sylvia reminded me of me and my best friend IRL since I just love their accurate portrayal of friendships along with the flaws in them.  Heck its also made by Craig McCracken, who was the same guy that created Powerfpuff Girls and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends which is why you can see references of those shows.XD  But even if it didn't win this category, it's fine since it did nominate for other categories this year and I'll be fine whichever one it wins.  

Now for Over The Garden Wall, oh man this is probably one of the best things I've seen from CN this year besides Steven Universe, AT, and Regular Show.  I mean for a short series, I really love the story beyond it.  The two main characters remind me so much of Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls and me with my little sister.XD  I can really relate to this one since this one even deals with real life elements such as redeeming yourself, conquering your fears, and of course...  The love for the ones you care about.  I love how the atmosphere and the art style of this show is creepy, mysterious, yet very whimsical.  It all reminds me of those Studio Ghilbi films and just it all makes me think of those folk tale art along with being in those Salem days.  I loved the characters on each episode since they all seem to have a different motive in the story, even though there was a bit of romance added in....  It wasn't portrayed over dramatic or the main thing on the show.  In fact, the main character's crush on the girl was very relatable since it was just a normal dorky crush and I know people been through those situations.  The music in this show is pretty catchy too, sort of like the kind I would since in those music classes as a kid or like some old folktale musical.  I also admire the different monsters and creatures on this show and how terrifying the villain one was in this series.  Though the only downside of this mini-series is the ending, but I hope it does become an actual series.  It seems to have so much potential as the other cartoons on CN.  

As for Gravity Falls, it's another series I do admire on Disney besides Wander Over Yonder and it shares similar themes of Over The Garden Wall.  Except, its more of a comedy that's pretty much like a parody of goosebumps.  The main characters were very interesting since each of them differ in personality XD  I love all the mysterious and creepy designs they had in some of the creatures of this show since they tend to make parodies of cheesy horror films.  However, the only downside with this show was that stupid love triangle of Dipper X Windy X Robbie -__-  Thankfully, they fixed that situation on season 2 XD  I honestly want this to win too but at the same time...  I'm not so sure since out of all the cartoons Disney milks this one way too much.:I  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see Gravity Falls getting all the love but I'm worried about the over hypness getting so bad as if it will become the next MLP and Frozen.  Plus I tried to be part of the fandom, but ehhhh....  so much rabid fans sadly invade it now.  But I don't know, I have mixed feeling for this winning because I love the show but I hate how its becoming so overhyped.  Though I do love how one of the creators of Homestar Runner helps work on Gravity Falls.(gahhhh Homestar Runner, my childhood web series<3)  

As for The Legend of Korra, I can't say much about it since ummm....  I actually never watched the show.  But I'm sure its a good series since I heard many good things about it and I do plan to watch it myself.  But why Adventure Time nominated again?  Don't get me wrong, I do love AT BUT it already won awards from The Annie Awards and the show has only been around since 2010.  That being said, its already too overhyped enough to a point where its overshadowing other CN cartoons.:/  And I must say, I wasn't impressed with the latest season and episodes since it became too dramatic for a cartoon and romance is now shoved in it.-__-  Now, I do love Pen Warden's intentions and his concepts for Adventure Time (hell, I actually want to get the art book of it for Christmas), but I think he's trying too hard to give it a story...  Now it doesn't make him a bad writer because I really loved the earlier seasons of AT.  But I think it went downhill ever since those Fiona and Cake episodes along with Flame Princess coming along, plus there's already too much fillers and it makes me get so confused when they switch around the themes to be random and serious.:I  But anyways, I think people should be more open to latest things and there's much more to CN than just Adventure Time.(If I had to choose a CN show to win this year, it will most likely be Over the Garden Wall since they do deserve an award this year)  You guys don't have to agree with me, but please remember this is my opinion and at least respect it.:)

Oh speaking of shows, I finished season 1 of wander over Yonder and saw the latest Christmas special a week ago.  OMG IT WAS SO ADORABLE<33333 LIKE FOR A SPECIAL IT WAS A GREAT WAY TO END THE SERIES<3333  I love how it pretty much was sort of a parody of The Nightmare before Christmas on the second part of the episode.  Plus it showed most of the characters we've seen from season one, Dracor and Demurra finally have children and they were so adorable:love: (I'm not sure if I should scrap out the lovechild I made for them or not though)  I never knew Wander is the Santa Clause in the show while Sylvia was the reindeer, oh man it makes me want to draw Christmas pics of it.  I also saw the latest Steven Universe where they showed Rose Quartz....  Omg that episode gave me so much feels....QAQ  Rose Quartz was beautiful and I love that soft tone of her voice, like....  Awwww it was just too much for me....  Like Steven got to see what his own mother was like.....  Well, I'm not going to spoil these episodes for others since I know not many seen them.  But I need to ask, was The Lion 3 the season finale for Steven Universe?  I always had a hard time keeping up with CN's news for that show.....  But it does seem like that show is on hiatus.  And because WoY, Steven Universe, and TMNT are on hiatus at the moment....  I'll be watching these while I wait

- Gravity Falls (because I really need to keep track of this one)
- Attack on Titan (yes late on the bandwagon but I'm getting addicted to it and I sort of fell in love with Jean Kirschtien O///O)
- The 7D
- Regular Show (but I have a feeling I'll get bad vibes since I heard how bad the new seasons were)
- Ultimate Spider-man
- American Horror Story (Freakshow)
- Legend of Korra (because I really need to actually watch this show since I grew up with Avatar)
- Sonic Boom
- Sailor Moon Crystal
- Space Dandy (Yes I know season 2 finished, but I wasn't been keeping track of it)
- Black Butler: The Book of Circus (because I didn't like Black Butler II and I'm happy how this version is going to be based off the mangas)

Anyways...I'm going to try my best to reply to my messages here and upload more artworks along with art I owe.;p 
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Name's Moonlight, but I'm also known as Moonie-Chan, Sis(from DA sisters^^), and Hailey since that's my real name NO!! I'm not givin nun you my full name!>8C
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XxMoonlight-1-WishxX has started a donation pool!
192 / 1,000
Yeah I want to start working on Point commisions sooo please donate if you want me to make some!!!

But first the Rules............


:bulletgreen: Fan OCs and Fan characters

:bulletgreen: Canon X Canon Pairings(even if I don't like the ship) and FC X FC pairings

:bulletgreen: Yaoi and Yuri( But remember... ONLY FLUFF OK?)

:bulletgreen: OC X Canon/ FC X Canon(ONLY FOR CLOSE FRIENDS)

:bulletgreen: Anime/Manga, Cartoons, Anthros, and other fictional characters

:bulletgreen: Blood and gorey Macarbe Art

:bulletgreen: A bit of realism is fine too

:bulletgreen: nudity as long as it's not porn

:bulletred: Hate/Bash art

:bulletred: Pairings that involve incest, Pedophila, harcore Hentai, or porn

:bulletred: Religion and Political stuff(I am Catholic but I just don't want to cause arguements)

:bulletred: Inflation, feet fetish, and other Fetish Art

:bulletred: Male Pregnancy

:bulletred: Drawing recolored Characters

:bulletred: Photography (Well Until I get a new camera)

If you even dare try to rush me, then I have the RIGHT to drop the commision!!!

Ok now the prices!!!

:bulletwhite: Sketch - 5 :points:

:bulletblack: Lineart - 10 :points:

:bulletpurple: Colored with no background - 20 :points:

:bulletred: Colored with a simple background - 30 :points:

:bulletpink: Fully colored with the most epic background - 40 :points:

But remember....PLEASE BE PAITIENT!!!!

Here's how the Progress works:

:bulletblack: - I haven't started

:bulletred: - Sketch completed

:bulletyellow: - Lineart finished

:bulletgreen: Almost done

:star: - DONE!!!

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    Donated Nov 24, 2013, 3:46:43 PM
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    Donated Nov 19, 2013, 11:26:22 AM
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Deviant
    Donated Oct 2, 2012, 3:27:19 AM
  • :iconthrillingraccoon:
    Donated Aug 21, 2012, 7:37:55 PM
  • :iconbelladiscordia:
    Donated Aug 19, 2012, 8:03:37 AM
  • :iconthealleyrat:
    Donated Jul 31, 2012, 9:47:58 PM
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Deviant
    Donated Jun 7, 2012, 2:18:44 PM
  • :iconcryej:
    Donated Feb 1, 2012, 3:02:56 PM
  • :iconmr-archer-h:
    Donated Jan 15, 2012, 10:21:37 PM


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Dragona15 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there.
I am really sorry, but this work here isn't a finished piece, so I had to turn it down because of the rules.
However, your other piece was accepted :)
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iza200117 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Ill draw ur character. For u
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Thanks for the fave on my take on the FNaF characters.:)
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Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed my gift! *----* 
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