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Gifts for me, I requested,point commisions,

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WOOO!! Leatherhead is back!!
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Awwwww Betteh I lav ya too<3333
Sun Feb 2, 2014, 7:58 AM
Special note for Hailehhhhhhh.....Ai lav yu :heart:
Wed Jan 29, 2014, 1:52 AM
Endlessly lav!!!!<333333333333333333
Tue Jan 14, 2014, 1:45 AM
I love you mooooar!!!!<333333
Sun Jan 12, 2014, 1:17 PM
Ai lav you!!! :heart:
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Leaving out of town, One Piece, and more...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 11:03 PM
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Hey guys, just want to make a few updates here.:)

Well my sisters came back from their trip with their father and I was surprised to see how they both got along very well with each other.  They did have their ups and downs, but I'mg glad they both seemed to have a good time together.  Though my younger sister said it wasn't the same without me going to Dallas with them. (daaaw what a little cutie, missed her very much.~:heart: )  And my brother had fun at K-way Con, which is a convention for all types of gamers out there.  Like he goes their with his friends to play some LoL tournaments along with playing other games.  Heck they even got a chance to see a sneak peek of the new Doom game coming out soon.  And he also got a chance to play that new game Evil Within, but he said it was one of those creepiest horror games out there.  But next year, he seriously wants to take me and my gamer friends to go over there next year to play all those different games out there!:la:  I also noticed some friends of mine went to other conventions but me...:(  But to be honest, the one convention I wanted to go to was Comic Con....  Only because I'm more into comics than anime and the fact that Craig McCracken and the WoY staff were there!  YES THIS GUY --->:iconcmcc:  

NO I KID YOU NOT I ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHILDHOOD CARTOONISTS SINCE HE INTRODUCED US TO PPG, FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS, AND WANDER OVER YONDER<33333  But ehh...  Due to the shit and financial problems at home, I sadly missed out on it.D:  But I'm planning to open my bank account this month since I'm tired of relying on others so much.  And so I can start commissioning others here;)

Well I had a good weekend since I've spent it with my friend :iconashtheechidn: and we pretty much just hung out and had sleepovers at my house.  But since we went on my Hulu Plus since my Netflix was acting weird...  We both started to watch this very old anime from our childhood called One Piece.(The Funimation version that is)  And I'll be honest, when I first saw once Piece when it first aired here in the USA as a child, I fucking hated it.  No I'm serious, I always thought it was the lamest and cheesiest animes ever made in history.  But that was only because I grew up watching the 4fags butchered shitty dub version 4kids version and I know damn well how evil they are.  But a few years later I realized that 4kids was nothing but a scam that censors so much shit on many anime that weren't even attended to kids.  And I noticed my friends here and IRL really loved this anime so much and told me it was a hell lot better than Naruto.  I knew Funimation would have made it better, but I wasn't interested before since I worry it would be even more long running like Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Bleach.  Though she played it on my Roku anyways and.....  Omg....  Omfg....  I friggin love it so much now.:love:  I never knew this anime was going to be that badass and fun to watch that she got me hooked on it.   Man I feel so stupid for not watching it before, but 4kids seriously almost killed my taste in it.  But I'm happy to say it's still better than that overrated anime Naruto and I love watching shonen with adventures and pirates.  Man even the characters I used to hate like Luffy, Ossop, and Sanji seriously grew on to me very much in this version.(forgive me but 4kids turned those three into annoying, obnoxious, wimpy pussies)  Man Luffy is a pretty fun dude, I love his bravery and fun attitude.  Man they are amazing so far, especially Zoro.~:heart: :iconcblushplz:  But I'll hopefully catch up with this series since it pretty much is long, but not as long than Naruto.  Man I still need to finish SAO though...  I actually have nothing against dubs since I prefer watching those than subs. (since I get lost reading the subs and I'm a bit blind without glasses at the moment)  But ehhh....  4kids is probably the worst dubbing company that ever existed.

Oh about leaving this weekend, well like I said on my last journal.  My mom's boyfriend wants to take us to Dallas to do fun things over there.  I think Dallas is a pretty fun town though we go there too much...^^;  BUT I SERIOUSLY HOPE WE GO TO BUILD-A-BEAR BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO GET ONE OF THOSE TMNT 2012 PLUSHIES SO BADLY<333333333333  I can't decide if I want to get a Donnie or Mikey plushie since those two are my favorite turtles on TMNT.<3  My younger sister might get Raph since she's a huge Raphael fangirl.  Yes I'm going to a plushie place and I don't give a damn if it's for kids.  Man I would love for them to do WoY plushies soon, even if I already have a Lord Hater plushie but it wouldn't hurt to get another.:XD:  We might as well go to fun places like Dave and Buster's, the movies, and other awesome stuff there. (though my mom, boyfriend, and other sister are obviously wanting to go just to watch soccer games)  So yeah, may not be online this weekend.^^;

Oh and just a question.....  I've been thinking about this and I feel like getting an account for Vampirefreaks.  If you don't know what that is, it's a Gothic Industiral social network that's sort of like a FB for goths, punks, steampunks, etc. out there.  I've been looking at it, I seriously love how they have The Birthday Massacre and Emilie Autumn on their music choices there<3  they also have some pretty fun and lovely clothing in that site (too bad most of them are very expensive DX)  I mean I really want to since I heard it's a pretty fun site but...  I hear others say that the community there is starting to act like myspace and I know how evil myspace is.  But who knows....  I just want to join a social website for goths just for fun.^^

Oh and one last thing and this is for my new watchers here....  Recently, I keep getting so much spammed notes in my inbox from one of my watchers(which I will not name) Just keeps constantly messaging me just so he can get me to comment on his art!  Yes he kept sending me notes just for the self advertisements of his works!  No stop that!  You know who you are, please do not ever message me just so I can donate you points or even comment on your art.  I'm serious, I really can't stand it when people beg stuff for me even if they are watchers that I rarely even know.  But for new watchers, I have to say this just for a warning.  Do not ever come to my page just so you can spam me with your things to gain my attention.  Not only because it's rude, but it just tells that you're fucking desperate for attention and I won't tolerate that behavior at all.  And I know not many do this to me but in case, don't ever ask me to watch you back either.  That's another pet peeve I have on this site as well.  To be honest guys, the only time I give watchbacks is if I like the person's art, are good friends with other online/real life friends of mine, or even friends in real life.  Now I do tend to give watchbacks a little later to some watchers, but ONLY if we get to talk more often, have similar interests, that are respectful to me, or are just acting like a trusting friend in general.  I mean not only me, but if you guys want to become friends with an artist or get to know them better...  You just do it by talking and treating them like friends.  Trust me, that's the best way to make friends here and it shows that they can gain their trust in you.:)  And who knows, maybe soon they'll start watching you back.  I mean as long as you don't constantly make them to view your art, beg for shit, or even kiss their ass...  Then they'll show some respect for you.  I mean that's how I made awesome friends here, I treat them more like normal people other than idols to worship over.  And to the new watchers who commented on my page just to chat, this is no way related to yall.  Trust me, I prefer watchers talking to me and treating me like a friend than those who constantly try so hard to seek attention.:roll:  And not only that made me angry, but he gave me another note of him wanting to cosplay as one of my own OCs... (I'm going to reply to that one for sure and reason with him) but no!  I'm sorry, but I don't ever want to see random people I barely know using my OCs just for their own amusement. (unless of course if they're my friends or if they just want to use them for gift art to surprise me)  Most of this is because of the TTA fandom, my God that fandom really started to annoy the hell out of me due to nostalgia tards and people overly worshiping TTA OCs there.  Now I appreciate you guys like my TTA OC Mittens, but I'll be honest...  I'm not actually staying in the fandom anymore for reasons...  
1.  I sort of grew out of that cartoon long ago (I still love it though, just not as a major fan)
2.  I honestly think the group is trying so hard to bring back a cartoon that honestly may never happen
3. I'm so damn tired of some Nostalgia tards bashing new cartoons and blaming them for getting TTA off air when in reality, the creators retired and wanted to make new. (heck they're now working on that new 7D cartoon on Disney XD , it would be pointless for them to cancel that just to bring back their project)
4.  Even when I draw Mittens, I always end up having some creepy furfag fanboys that constantly beg to see fetish art of her-_- (how is that even sexy?  She's only a child!)
5.  I'm honestly not that motivated in that fandom like I am with WoY and TMNT 2012.

I mean I still love my TTA buddies and all but ehhh....  There's just some people in that fandom that killed my taste for that show.  And I'm not talking about the founder or some of the other people who run that group since they are my friends.:)  This is more like the rabid side of the group that killed my interest.DX  I will still draw Mittens and TTA art every once in a while, but not too often like other fandoms.^^;  But honestly...  I tend to draw Loonatics Unleashed more than TTA,  Only because LU will always be one of my favorite childhood cartoons and that show seriously deserves to get more recognition and to be back on air.  I mean I'm not being a nostalgia tard or anything, but shows that got cancelled early like Loonatics Unleashed really deserve another chance on TV.  I mean there were flaws, but the creators did their best to make the series enjoyable. Heck they even planned to make it just as great as Teen Titans and Justice League but ehhh...  Fucking Loony Tunes weeaboos killed it.:I  and of course, Loonatics Unleashed seems to have a saner fanbase.(well minus the rabid Tech E fangirls, but luckily most of them maturedX3)

Ok and also.....  I noticed one of my other watchers had been roleplaying as my WoY OC Myrna and omg that pissed me off so much!  Like I said, I'm glad you guys like my OCs but dear God please get my permission before you use them, (unless of course if it's for gift art or if my friends are using them)

Sorry for the Mega rant, just pointing out one of my biggest pet peeves on this site and I want to inform my new watchers about it.  And to those who think I'm being too harsh, let's put it this way.  Don't ever expect sugar coating shit from me, there will be times like this that will get under my skin that I must point it out.  I'll only give respect if you show me respect first and of course I'll be nice to friends and even watchers who learn to show me respect and just treat me like a friend)  

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Name's Moonlight, but I'm also known as Moonie-Chan, Sis(from DA sisters^^), and Hailey since that's my real name NO!! I'm not givin nun you my full name!>8C
Just my first name..... which is Hailey, but call me Moonlight or Moonie if you like?

Anyways.... Yeah My DA Account, full of any various stuff. I mostly Draw Anime, Cartoons, Games, Anthros, and some Blood and Gorey stuff depending on what drawing mood I'm in.

Okay.... Too lazy to type more info but I'll describe a bit about myself....

Please Enjoy my gallery!


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XxMoonlight-1-WishxX has started a donation pool!
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Yeah I want to start working on Point commisions sooo please donate if you want me to make some!!!

But first the Rules............


:bulletgreen: Fan OCs and Fan characters

:bulletgreen: Canon X Canon Pairings(even if I don't like the ship) and FC X FC pairings

:bulletgreen: Yaoi and Yuri( But remember... ONLY FLUFF OK?)

:bulletgreen: OC X Canon/ FC X Canon(ONLY FOR CLOSE FRIENDS)

:bulletgreen: Anime/Manga, Cartoons, Anthros, and other fictional characters

:bulletgreen: Blood and gorey Macarbe Art

:bulletgreen: A bit of realism is fine too

:bulletgreen: nudity as long as it's not porn

:bulletred: Hate/Bash art

:bulletred: Pairings that involve incest, Pedophila, harcore Hentai, or porn

:bulletred: Religion and Political stuff(I am Catholic but I just don't want to cause arguements)

:bulletred: Inflation, feet fetish, and other Fetish Art

:bulletred: Male Pregnancy

:bulletred: Drawing recolored Characters

:bulletred: Photography (Well Until I get a new camera)

If you even dare try to rush me, then I have the RIGHT to drop the commision!!!

Ok now the prices!!!

:bulletwhite: Sketch - 5 :points:

:bulletblack: Lineart - 10 :points:

:bulletpurple: Colored with no background - 20 :points:

:bulletred: Colored with a simple background - 30 :points:

:bulletpink: Fully colored with the most epic background - 40 :points:

But remember....PLEASE BE PAITIENT!!!!

Here's how the Progress works:

:bulletblack: - I haven't started

:bulletred: - Sketch completed

:bulletyellow: - Lineart finished

:bulletgreen: Almost done

:star: - DONE!!!

ART I'M WAITING FROM (I'm not rushing you guys.... Believe me, I'm busy myself so take the time you all need! I only place this here in case if you forgot
:iconcnc16: - Takara and Espio :bulletred:
:iconxxlovelyrose95xx: - Svafnir X Moonlight :bulletred:
:iconthereturnofmeta: - Espio x Takara (Although, I'll ask her to do Saber and H-Kitty if she forgot again) :bulletred:

:bulletred: - Haven't Recieved
:bulletgreen: - Recieved

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:iconcardigirl28: Her OC Angel the Cat (traditional style):bulletred:

- :iconxxmajestyvaldorexx: - Radioman bonding with his daughter :bulletyellow:
-:iconshear-rohark: - DA Elemental Sister OC :bulletblack:
- :iconkibafan1232: - Her MLP OC Cherry Jam :bulletblack:
- :iconthrillingraccoon: - Mittens Moonbathing (still sketching it) :bulletgreen:
- :iconcottoncattailtoony: - Mini Comic strip of her and Etno (starting on it)
- :iconsofonisbasaki: - Her OC Sarah :bulletred:
- :iconxmistthewhitewolfiex: - Her WoY OC Celine giving Wander a handshake
- :iconroseprincess25: - Her with Rapheal (TMNT 2012) (starting on it)

REQUESTS: (But I will no longer accept anymore requests after I'm done)
- :iconnathanthemoldy: - sketch of Ahuizotl (almost done)
- :iconsammychan816: - a Vector X Samantha fanfic (still in the middle of writing it)

Making a Villain OC for TMNT, but what type of bird should she be? 

7 deviants said Snowy Owl
5 deviants said Mute Swan
4 deviants said Crow
2 deviants said Why do I get the feeling that may be Kiko's nemesis (Me: Maybe....)
1 deviant said Peafowls (white peacocks)
No deviants said Lammergier
No deviants said Wait the villain is a female? (Me: Yes because I really do think we need more female villains in this series)
No deviants said Was she born a mutant or a human before (Me: You'll see...)


Now for Facts, Questions, and Answers!!!!

1. Hey Moonlight! Can we be friends?
Ummm... Don't ever ask me that again. I only make friends by talking to people.

2. Oh OK.... Well can I have a watchback, points, or can you look at my new works?:D

NO!!!! Just no! If you want to get to know me more, then NEVER ask any of that stuff from me! Friendship takes patience.

3. Hmmm How about a request?

Only to Close friends and friends in real life! Other than that, requests are NEVER OPEN FOR STRANGERS.

4. Oh, well I'll be your friend!:D Now for a request!

Hell no! It takes time for me to get to know others! Don't bother being my friend just so you can get a free drawing!

5. How about Art Trades and Point commissions?

That's more like it, but ONLY when they are open. I will inform my journal when they're open or closed.

6. OK we are friends now right? Now free drawing!

Oh Gawd....:iconfacepalmplz: It's like what I said... It takes time for me to get to know others. So not until I have full trust in you!

7. Can I make a base out your artwork?

:iconfuckingkiddingmeplz: ........... No.....

8. How about videos?

Ask me first and I'll let you!;) I would love to see my art in videos AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT ME!

9. Can I pair my OCs with yours?

..... Unless if I can agree on their relationship, than that's a maybe! I personally don't like pairing my characters with other random people's OCs that much.

10. Wow.... Why are you super strict?!

Because, I used to get taken advantage alot here and I'm getting sick of it! Plus I'm paranoid towards new people so yeah.....


Me homophobic? And you suppose girl love is disturbing while you watch plain gay porn?:trollface: Because.... It's got be one of the most over rated and cliche fetishes ever in history! Everytime I try to search Sonadow, Narusasu, or just one tiny yaoi comic a chance...... I see nothing more than a creepy old man with a girly character that has a dick and bitching every one of my favorite female characters. Ok I will admit.... I do like guy X guy pairings as LONG as it's done right and when the dudes look like dudes and not animu bishies or chicks with dicks..:I But I'm just not obsess with them that much. I will only appreciate a yaoi if it's a shonen were they actually do act like real gays and not the sissy girly fake ones. And to my yaoi friends if your reading this... I'm NOT talking about you guys!:hug: Because I'll still love and support you no matter what you guys draw!:love: I'm only informing this to the rabid immature fanbratss.... As for Yuri, It's mostly Shoujo-ai I support. But not many people know the difference so I just call it Yuri instead. And when I use the word Yuri... I DO NOT MEAN HENTAI! I mostly mean girl love and ONLY love! And before you call me a homophobe for not liking yaoi, just look back of you being disgusted with yuri. Supporting Yaoi(and even yuri) doesn't make you political for supporting gay rights! It just makes you a hypocritical pervert!
So yeah..... I only support boy love and girl love with a realistic relationship!


So? Liking an anthro character isn't bestiality. Infact, they act more human than animal-like. They even have human parts as well! And back in the 80-90s, so many shows supported anthros and even Human x Anthro relationships. It's completely normal guys... Trust me beastiality is beyond different from this.


Because they're all cheesy rip-offs of real monsters and mystical creatures. I mean... Just why? Do they automatically have to make the best creatures all glamorous and girly? It's a big disgrace to the actual mythology of these creatures and their tales. But like I said, I do have friends too who love this stuff and I'm tolerant of that. Just don't freaking bash me for not liking these girly stuff!

14. Why do you support Vectilla, Shadouge, Sonamy, Knuxade, Tailsmo and Chaotikal anyways? It's so cliche! Besides... Rouge n Knux r in Luv, Shadow luvs Amy n Tikal, Sonsal forever, n Tails luvs Cream!!!11!!!

Whaoh! Since when are your ships canon anyways? Guys, it's because these ARE MY OPINIONS ONLY! I support whatever pairing I like! And seriously? None of the Sonic couples are canon, Sega even stated themselves that they don't want to make any couple canon/official. So why bother? And not just Sonic.... But seriously? Fighting over couples in any fandom makes you look so butthurt. Learn to respect one's pairing!

15. Why do you pair your Fan OCs with canon characters so much? That only makes them OOC and your OCs Mary-Sues damnit!!! Don't you even have any oc x oc pairing at all?!!!

Because like most of you fanboys/fangirls would do the same for one fictional character and to piss off fantards.:trollface: Lol jk, but really it's all just for the shuts and giggles for it besides fantasies. And I only pair some of my fan OCs with canon characters that have no female love interest. But I do have oc x oc pairings as well! U mad fantards?;P

16. So do you support all OC x Canon pairings? Can you support mine too?^^

Whoah there! Just because I have some and support oc x canon pairings does NOT mean I support all. Even if the OCs are nothing more than self-inserts/sues who's purpose is to only screw a canon character... Then those aren't my cup of tea. I only support well developed OCs in these pairings and only my friends's oc x canon pairings. So please stop asking me to support yours.

17. Oh yeah! Your opinions suck and I hate your art, pairings, and style!!!11!!!

Wow.......... just wow.... Seems like your underage here. Look Kid, this is not my problem... It's yours! If you don't like, then don't bother watching!

Art Facts

1. When did you first draw?

Me: Ever since I was very little after watching cartoons... I wanted to draw the Looney Tunes characters so I did... Although I drew all over my mom's bill.:iconhurrplz:

2. What supplies do you use?

Me: Well right now I use Primsa colors ALOT! And I also use copics, water colors, and other paints for spare time. And all of my sketchy pencils for sketches!

3. Any programs?

Me: Just Adobe Photoshop

4. Do you prefer Anime or Cartoon style?

Me: To be honest... I love a lot of animation styles! Anime or cartoon, animation is animation. Though I'm hoping to enroll for anime one day.... But meh... The anime fandom is making it worst due to obsessive fangirls and a bunch of weaboos-.-

5. Besides animation, what else interests you?

Well I really do admire surrealism, Abstracts, and sometimes realism. Although I do love Gothic macabre art, fantasy art, and even mostly Anthro art! And there's also photography! But I guess I support all types of art, even poetry and literature depening on the genre.

6. Can you make drawing tutorials?

Me: Only at certain things, not alot. But just ask me and I'll see how I can show others How I do it.

OK that's about it.

Oh and one more thing........



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